No Hassles! No Gimmicks! No Hidden Fees!

Just a clean, robust platform to get your message to your readers!
If you want to build a blog, our team wants to help. We will save you time and money with our clean, simple, custom designs, and you can start blogging in 24 hrs, or less (in most cases less). Guaranteed!


Want to monetize? Simple! Want to build an email list? Simple? Want to complicate your life? Go to the other guys!


What You Get

  • Thirty-six months of hosting – Yep, three full years!
  • Your own domain name
  • A simple theme customized specifically for you
  • A simple, but classy, logo or header
  • A simple course on the basics of blogging
  • A simple payment plan that makes sense


What You Pay

  • $295
  • See payment options below


Payment Options

  • SUMMER SPECIAL – Pay in full and get 10% Off ($265)
  • $150 Down & 5 Payments of $29

If this makes sense to you, or you want to discuss other options, fill out the contact information below to discuss your needs.

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